Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Going Pretty Good

Everything seems to have taken off and is now running except the poor yellow squash not sure what's going on there but it needs replacing. The eggplant I do believe has maybe stalled out due to the zucchini leaf covering it, gotta get to work training those things.

The beans seem a lot fuller earlier this year and the strawberries are producing.

The early girl tomatoes are probably all going to finally come ripe at the same time but luckily I'm prepared with a recipe for tuna bites to use them all.

Here's that poor little squash and eggplant and the mother of zucchinis.

The green onions are about to get whacked for some scallion pancakes to go with a chinese dinner this weekend and the jalapeno is waiting for some heat to kick it into gear, the carrots are going much faster this year dunno what's different.

The lettuce is ready to become wraps for chicken at that chinese dinner and the cilantro is trying it's best to squeeze in beside it, I've got to find some instructions for drying out or freezing the oregano since I don't think it'll like the coming heat too well.

This year is already looking better than last, with all the coolness and weird rain we've been having the watering schedule is a mess but it doesn't seem to be bothering the plants.

The hummingbirds haven't decided if they are here to stay yet and only seem to show up around dusk but they've been loving the honeysuckle that's in full bloom.

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