Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another Harvest and Garden Pics

We made another harvest this week, a couple more squash, zucchini, a good handful of strawberries that had not been half eaten and we went ahead and cut back some cilantro and lettuce.

Here's the first box, the beans have taken off and are blooming now so beans aren't far behind. You can almost see our cat keeper offer on the lettuce and herb box, we set some bamboo stakes into the corners and suspended more of the bird netting over the top of the box. So far this has worked and kept the cats out of the box. The pour little tomato we thought was done for after the wind storm has come back to life with the help of another bamboo stake, it's got a nice sized tomato waiting for color on it now and plenty of blooms.

Boxes 2 and 3 have really filled in now. The squash and zucchini are both doing great, the jalapenos have started to form and are almost to harvesting size, the onions are going crazy and we have little baby carrots going to town. The cucumbers are finally starting to take off and we picked our first the other day, it's kinda bent looking but it's a cucumber. The bell peppers I was worried about, the blooms kept falling off before doing anything and I've found it to be they weren't getting as much water as they like, I've upped the watering schedule and they get a nice big drink just for them as well.

You can just see the tip of the hanging eggplant we installed over the boxes, I'll do a better post on that later, it has taken off and changes everyday.

The rest of the tomatoes! The cherries are going to overflow here soon, there are something like 10 little bunches all looking to be ready right on top of each other, good thing Joe eats them like candy. The new little tomato has taken off and has a couple of blooms going so we'll be able to compare all three fruit sizes here soon.

It seems as soon as I take pictures something grows and changes but it will make for a great slideshow by the end of summer.

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