Friday, May 15, 2009

Ugh Visitors

So it seems at least one of the "not indoor" cats from our neighborhood has decided to use our lettuce and herb box for its own use.

And of course we just planted a new round of seeds the day before that have now been scratched up and tossed around.

All I can say is ick ick ick. It does make me wonder now if it's not caterpillars eating the lettuce but cats, since they've left one head alone and it's doing great.

So now we've got to construct some form of barrier to keep the kitties out. This has become a big problem in our area due to the foreclosures, people have left their homes and cats as well. New people have moved in and brought yappy little dogs but I have a feeling they're being intimdated by the cats.

I'm going to try the barrier method to keep them out since there isn't any general consensus over solutions except for the hose and ours seem to sneak in at night, we haven't seen any cats yet.

I'll have new pics of the plants up soon, just have to get them off the camera and edited for the site.

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