Wednesday, April 8, 2009

They're Growing!!

As Mom pointed out to me I don't actually have any dates on here for when we planted, oops!

Our tomatoes were planted on March 19, all the seedlings went in the ground on March 20 and the seeds were planted on the 21st.

Everything is now moving along great, the only thing we haven't seen yet is the cilantro, if it does not show up this week I'm going to try again.

Pole Beans sproutingHere are the beans on the 31st of March, we spotted it coming out that morning and by the early evening it had made it this far.

Garden box with strawberries and pole beansHere they are on April 6, a week later. I figure they'll be up the trellis by next week. The strawberries are doing well, we've been collecting a few every 2 or 3 days since they went in.

Slicing tomatoesThese are the cute baby tomatoes, my daughter Sydni has been diligently checking them everyday to look for changes.

Onions sproutingThis is the onion set 10 days after planting. I have to say I only wanted to plant them as more of an experiment than anything so I am pleasantly surprised they are doing so well.

Green Onions GaloreI don't plan on buying green onions all summer, these will definitely be on the list for next year.

Baby Romaine LettuceItty bitty heads of lettuce are now popping up. They really are tiny and quite easy to look over.

Garden box with Carrots Onions Jalapeno and Bell Peppers CucumbersThis is box 2 with the onions, carrots, peppers and cucumbers. On the larger image you can just see the tops of the carrots starting. We looked today and it appears that a couple of jalapenos may be starting as well. Everything else is just putting out new leaves and getting bigger.

I also finally got a packet of chives and they have been planted with the cherry tomato, hopefully they will spring up soon too.


  1. You're having great success! It's fun watching everything grow. Not too much is growing outside here yet, just peas and lettuce have sprouted.

  2. A lot of action!Baby tomatoes are so cute!

  3. Everything is looking great. Looks like you'll have a fine garden. Love the little tomatoes!

  4. Nothing beats watching a garden grow--especially in spring time when growing spurts are absolutely awesome. Gardening is a great conduit to all sorts of knowledge. Good luck to you!!