Monday, March 30, 2009

Planting Time!

All of the seedlings are now in the ground and looking pretty good. Most of the seeds and the onion set are in, so far the only growth we can see there are the onions sprouting.

In the first box we have 8 Quinalt strawberries and 8 Sequoia, both everbearing. The Kentucky Wonder pole beans have been started behind them, we're staggering those so hopefully it will spread out the harvest.

Left to right we have 2 Straight Eight cucumbers, 2 Burpless Hybrid cucumbers, a California Wonder Bell Pepper and a Sweet Red Bell Pepper. In the front row we have a Jalapeno our onion set which was just some generic yellow onion we got at HD to try for fun and our carrot seed which I can't remember the variety of right now. Like I said the onions are the only seeds sprouting right now, the 2 burpless cukes don't seem to be doing as well as the straight 8s but that may be because their peat pots were much drier than the others.

Here are the squash, a yellow crook neck and a green zucchini. These were planted mostly for Mom well cause she's the only one who'll eat them. But I do plan to try some zucchini bread and carrot cake cookie recipes to sneak more veggies into the kids with.

This is our slicing tomato we went with an Early Girl 50 this year, turns out the Celebrity we grew 2 summers ago and loved so much wasn't a Celebrity so instead of trying to guess what it was we went with the highly recommended Early Girl, who has 2 tiny little tomatoes starting a week after transplant. Surrounding the stalk we've planted Parsley seed, they're good companion plants and it keeps us from finding another spot for it.

Our picking tomato is a Sweet 100 Cherry tomato. We love cherry tomatoes around here, it's what I use in salads and Joe will eat the entire plants' worth if we let him. This one is blooming after just a week in the pot.

The other box, which I don't have a pic of because it would be a pic of dirt, has had Oregano, Cilantro and Vivian Romaine Lettuce planted in it, all seeds which none have decided to show up yet. I'm not worried this is our first year trying seed and if it doesn't work oh well, try a different route next year.


  1. It looks great. I love the boxes you made, they look really nice. Won't it be fun to get all those vegies growing? I've used raised beds and just love them. We're trying some square foot gardening this year as well. Good luck!!

  2. Yummy, strawberries. I just love them. I really like cucumbers but do not have much luck with them in containers.I really need raised beds. Your tomatoes are looking wonderful.

  3. How often do you water, and how much? I tried growing tomatoes several years in those big terracotta pots (from Costco) and they've started great, then died.

  4. Out here in the Inland Valley, southeast of Los Angeles, it gets very hot and very dry during the summer so right now we're watering every couple days but by June we'll be doing a heavy water every morning. You know you're watering too much if the tomatoes start splitting, otherwise we just keep them good and moist.

  5. Thanks! We're going to take your lead and try making our own boxes like yours this week. We're in Orange County. Where did you find the redwood at such a great deal?

  6. Lowe's was had the lumber on clearance at 75% off and we got lucky and snagged 3 of the 4 remaining boards. We were only there to check pricing but couldn't pass up a deal like that.